In a world that is moving so fast, how often do you stop and just take the time to do something for yourself? How long have you been planning that trip or talking about going to that location or getting some updated photos but have just never gotten around to orgonising it?


This is why your experience and your story matter so much to us. We want to be able to take you on an adventure, get you to turn off those phones and just live totally in the moment.

When you are genuinely focusing on each other and having a great time it shows through in your images! This is what you want to remember and look back on for years to come.

Behind the Camera


Hey, I'm Brogan!

I’m a full - time photographer based in the south of New Zealand who can’t get enough of the mountain air, weekend adventures aaaannd Whittaker’s chocolate. (Coconut rough you will be the end of me)


If I’m not behind the camera you will find me riding horses, hiking up a mountain or planning my next overseas adventure. 


I want to take you on an adventure. Capture those cheeky grins and belly laughs. Those intimate and candid shots that really make you feel the love and connection.

I’m a photographer for the wild, adventurous souls who don’t mind getting a little muddy or walking a bit further to find that magical location. You want to get up at dawn and do a sunrise shoot? Count me in. Chase waterfalls and go for a swim? Sounds amazing. Bring your pet along for the adventure? Let’s make it happen!


If this sounds like a little bit of you – slide into my inbox and let’s get the ball rolling!

Hi, I’m Amy and the other half to the Kiwi Captures duo.

Brogan and I have been best buds for a very long time now, travelled and explored the far side of the world together, lived together, and now we take photos together. So naturally, we work pretty well as a team.

I love food. When my husband and I were traveling France in our campervan (Ernie), I would go in to a local bakery to get our daily ration of bread, and accidentally come out with an armful of delectable sweet treats.

I also love babies. The last year of my life has been taken up by my very own tiny human, Lucy. I might be a bit bias but I think she’s pretty cool. She’s also a supermodel.

I’ve been back in Southland for three years now after travelling and living abroad. After having my own wedding and attending many, I’m so excited for next wedding season, equipped with a camera in my hand.

Hi - I'm Amy!



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