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10 fun and unique ideas couples have had for their wedding

1: The cardboard cut out friend

We all know what chaos the pandemic caused with guest lists the last couple of years. Some couples decided to get a little inventive on how to make sure all their guests attended!

By having their missing friend dress up in the attire they were going to wear and take a full-length photo, they created a life sized cut out.

This was great fun for people on the day and made for some hilarious photo ops!

2: Have your pet carry the rings

Not only was Fred a very distinguished gentleman in his little collar, but he was also the ring bearer! This made for some very cute moments during the ceremony and is a cool way to involve your pet in the day too.

3: Celebrate both cultures with an outfit change

Simone and Royce opted for something a little different for their attire. They both, plus the bridal party dressed in traditional Thai outfits for the ceremony. There was lots of getting ready coverage and family photos in this dress as well.

Once the ceremony was over it was time for an outfit change, and they wore a suit and gown. It was a good way to celebrate both cultures on the day and not to have to make a choice between traditional dress or a gown/suit.

4: Ride your horse to the ceremony

Alice is a rider and she wanted to involve her beloved horses into the wedding day. With the ceremony being held only a few blocks from their house, she decided to make a dramatic entrance on horseback!

The ceremony started and she rode in, dismounted and her dad walked her down the aisle. It was an entrance that people won’t forget and a fun way to have the horses involved in the day.

5: Pour your celebratory drinks as a champagne tower

After the ceremony its common for guests to have a drink of bubbles and toast to the newly married couple. Instead of just having these handed out on trays you can make it a bit more of an event and pour the drinks as a champagne towner!

This way the couple get to pour the drinks and say a toast. This can also be a good switch up if you don’t want to have a wedding cake.

6: Cut your wedding cake with a sword

Ok, I know this one is a little random, but makes for some good fun on the day!

Emily and Zandy cut their cake with a family heirloom sword – it was a family tradition.

Erin & Andrew on the other hand realized they had forgotten a cake cutting knife when they arrived at the reception. Luckily one of the guests (their nephew) had a samurai sword at the wedding with him, so they thought what the heck and cut the cake with that instead!

7: Get creative with your guest book

There are so many ways to make your guest book unique and something that you can display in your house after the wedding. Here are 3 guestbook idea that I have loved this season:

The record: Tiffany & Jordan had a photo of them in the centre of the record and asked guests to sign around the outside. They can then display this on the wall after the wedding!

The Wood Block: Sabine & Richie had a large wooden round that served as their guest book. It was sitting right outside the entrance to the reception, so guests couldn’t miss it and could leave messages before they sat down.

The Globe: Olivia & Cam are big travellers and had this theme running through the wedding day. They had guests sign a globe of the world and this can be displayed in their house afterwards.

8: Take a shot at the end of the aisle

Ben and Carina had a beautiful ceremony and walked down the aisle to lots of cheering. As they got to the end, a couple of friends handed them a shot of tequila, and this was the first thing they did as a married couple! It definitely got the party started for the rest of the evening!

9: Have an ice cream truck serve dessert

Mr. Whippy has been around forever and is nostalgic for kiwi kids brought up in the 90’s to the sound of his tune driving around the neighborhood. Sarah & Fraser decided to surprise their guests with cone ice creams served from their favourite ice cream truck for dessert. And yes, they even put the Mr. Whippy song on!

10: Use mix and match glassware

This is a great idea if you are doing a more casual reception with food trucks or non-assigned seating. Have your guests pick a glass at the start of the reception, and that is theirs for the night! If you have a few months to collect glassware from op shops or hire a bunch of eclectic glassware this can work well.

It will make sure that people look after their glass and will require much less washing!

All the above are fun little things couples have included to make their wedding day their own. Would you do any of these ideas? Do you have something unique you did for your wedding day? I would love to hear in the comments below!


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