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4 Weddings with bright and bold colour schemes

Colour is coming back to weddings in a big way and I for one am so excited for it!

There is nothing better than bright pops of colour and getting creative with various shades of pastel.

Here are 4 weddings who did a fantastic job of adding bold colour to their day.

1: Orange & Green

Sabine & Richie got married on the family farm. With big green fields and mountains for the backdrop! They had a sage green colour for the bridesmaid’s dresses and the groomsmen’s bow ties. They added in some bright orange with fabric that hung from the bouquets and in the florals.

2: Pink and Red

Alyse and Freddie used a combination of reds and pinks to create a bright and bold colour palette for their day. The florals all had light and deep pinks, while the bridal party had red gowns and red ties.

3: A Primary Colour Mix

Olivia & Cam decided to go for a full mix of colours for their bridal party. Picking earthy red, green and yellows for the bridesmaid’s dresses. They hung strips of fabric from the bouquets that matched and had custom denim jackets made with coloured back panels.

4: Bright Pastels

Emma & Josh had a beautiful bold pastel colour scheme for their backyard wedding. They had heaps of arch florals and table decorations with a range of colours!

Have you thought about using bright colours for your wedding day? What colour scheme are you going with? Let me know below!


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