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5 food trucks to have at your wedding

One of my favourite dinner trends that has been rising in popularity the last couple of years is food trucks! Think festival style receptions where guests just order food whenever they feel like it and there is no assigned seating.

This is a great way to have a mix of cuisines available and keep the evening a little more informal!

Here are some food trucks we have seen at recent weddings.


Ok everyone loves pizza, that is a fact, and you are lying if you don’t! Cheesy tomato goodness will always go down a treat and with a plethora of topping options how can you go wrong?

For woodfire pizzas with allllll of the toppings check out:


Ooohhh so many choices! With both tacos & bowls of delicious corn chips + guacamole, you will keep your guests very happy.


Yes, yes, yes. Need I say anymore?


The ultimate dessert for a hot wedding day! With oodles of flavours to chose from you really can’t go wrong.


Ok, I know they are not technically food vans, but they do mobile platter set ups! These are the best for feeding a large group of people and making it look good.

Are you going to have food trucks at your wedding? What food trucks am I missing from this post, that people NEED to know about? Let me know below!


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