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Backyard Wedding Decoration & Styling Inspiration

Weddings have been changing a little over the last couple of years and the rise of the backyard wedding is here! With more and more couples opting for a more intimate event, in part because of pandemic restrictions and uncertainty around rule changes.

In New Zealand many homeowners are lucky enough to have a backyard and enough space to hold a small (or large) ceremony and reception. Here are some backyard weddings from this season that show you don’t need to have a designated wedding venue to put together a beautiful ceremony!

Emma & Josh held a 20 - person wedding at home. Josh made the backdrop, and it was decorated with stunning florals form a local florist. They had a wine barrel for signing, a little picnic set up and picnic table for a pizza dinner!

Tegan and Luke set up quite a large ceremony on the front lawn. They said their vows under the trees and had a ladder decorated arch. In the backyard a marquee was set up to host the reception.

Sara & Joshua used a family friends’ property for their wedding. It had a large lawn that had views over the surrounding farms and mountains. There was an airplane hanger that was cleared out and used as their reception space.

James and Alison used a combination of family properties for their wedding. One house with a backyard for their intimate ceremony and another garage for their reception dinner.

Erica & Jarod used their parents garden for the ceremony. The had balloons lining the driveway and because it was summer the garden was in full bloom!

Alice & Ryan made their own arch and used hay bales of seating at their backyard ceremony.

Did you have or are you planning a backyard wedding? Let me know how you are decorating your day below!


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