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Naseby // Danseys Pass Old Coach Inn Wedding

A day bursting with love, connection and sheer happiness.

When I first met Marissa and Justin, I could tell just how devoted and in sync they were as a couple. Their connection is electric and when they are together it is like there is nobody else in the room and they only have eyes for each other. It was just magic to watch.

They were married at the beautiful and rustic Dansey's Pass Coach Inn, deep in that dry and rugged Central Otago landscape.

Marissa sourced most of the items fro the wedding from friends or second hand shops. The fur's were from a friend, the flowers donated by the local gardeners and styled by a friend. Her dress bought online and altered by her Mum. The girls all did their own make - up as well!

The boys spent the morning getting ready at the Inn and the girls in Ranfurly.

Marissa work's as an event coordinator at the rest home and we stopped off on the way to the ceremony to give the residents a little surprise.

I just loved getting to see the ladies eyes well up as Marissa walked in.

The ceremony was running a little late so Justin was probably a little on edge. When he locked eyes with his bride to be though all his nerves were calmed and he honestly looked ready to burst with happiness!

We whipped off to do some photos with the bridal party before heading back to a magical fairy lit reception.

Make Up: Bridesmaid's did their own!

Cake: Kristina Wills Flowers: Supplied by Maniototo gardeners and styled by Kristina Wills

Wedding day at Danseys Pass Old Coach Inn

Wedding day at Danseys Pass Old Coach Inn

Wedding day at Danseys Pass Old Coach Inn

Wedding day at Danseys Pass Old Coach Inn

"Hey Brogan,

I’ve wanted to contact you so much over the last few weeks but I remembered you had said it’ll be about 4 weeks so I waited and yesterday, after a hectic day at work, I arrived home to find an unexpected package.

 I do not have the words to fully convey the gratitude and awe we felt upon receiving the package and then opening the individual parcels. I love the way you packaged your work, I love the way it’s presented, I absolutely love the flash drive and box and I don’t know where to start with the perfectly captured every emotion, every detail.

 You told a story, our story, in precious moments forever immortalised in your photographs. I sometimes struggle with memory loss and I was just saying the other day that my wedding already felt like a distant memory but now I can look at your album and relive all the smiles, stolen glances, laughs, love and mishaps that made my dreams come true. And I have you both to thank for that.

 I can tell that Photography isn’t just a job to you - your passion and talent shines through the photos. So many people have commented on how beautiful and unusual (I think they’re used to formal, posed photos) the photos are and I proudly show it to anyone and everyone that comes through the rest home and hospital where I work.

 Any bride (and groom) would be lucky to have you do their photos.

 So THANKYOU! From the bottom of my heart. Xx Justin also said that was the best day of his life and that he’s never felt so proud before. Thank you, thank you, thank you xx."

With love,

- Marissa and Justin Pont (& Tuari)


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