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Doubtful Sound // Helicopter Adventure Session

Flying into Doubtful Sound for the first time was like entering Jurassic Park. It was a 30 – minute flight into Doubtful Sound from Te Anau. I was completely blown away by the rugged cliff faces and huge waterfalls everywhere!

We landed and hiked along the ridge line to the very point where you can look out on the connecting fiords.

Kea’s are mountain parrots that are native to New Zealand and are clever/cheeky.

I remember as a kid hiking up to a glacier with a group of friends and when we got to the top and opened our bag of chips a kea flew in and stole it!

We landed in the heli overlooking Doubtful Sound. I could hear Kea’s as we walked along and mentioned how epic it would be if they could just casually fly into our photo. They have bright orange under their wings so catching them mid - flight is beautiful.

They must have heard me because they came soaring in an officially became the coolest photobomb of all time!

Never a dull day in the NZ mountains.

Hair & Make Up: Dallas Merkley

Fiordland helicopter elopement

Fiordland helicopter elopement

Fiordland helicopter elopement

Fiordland helicopter elopement


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