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Fiordland // Milford Road Trip & Bowen Falls Elopement

I still don’t really know how to put into words how incredible Harriet & Ben’s elopement day was.

There is something so special about creating a day that is truly yours - doing things that you love together & having the day as one big adventure.

The morning was spent getting ready in Te Anau at a cute little B&B with a view out to the lake. Followed by a first look on the jetty 🥰

Then the road trip into Milford Sound began, with stops along the way.

I was blown away by the small things and meaningful details they had sprinkled into the day. The blanket Harriet brought to stay warm had a row of blue stitching for her ‘something blue’. She wore a bracelet passed down through Ben’s family. All the food for the picnic by the river had meaning and reference to something.

After lunch we walked through native forest covered in moss and made out way into the valley leading to the Homer Tunnel. There was snow covering the mountains and rain clouds brewing...

It wouldn’t be a trip into Milford without a few cheeky keas making an appearance. One young kea took quite a liking to Harriet’s gown haha!

When we reached Milford it was time get a private boat over to the Bowen Falls for these two to say vows & exchange rings. (They hand moulded their rings at the jewellers - check out yesterday’s post to see!)

Harriet & Ben got engaged at the Devils Punchbowl waterfall on a rainy and wet day, so it was only fitting to say their vows under this beauty.

It was an incredible day. There is something so special about creating a space where you can feel safe, loved and truly seen. To say words to each other that nobody else can hear. To have the power of nature raging around you and feel alive.

What a way to start your forever together ❤️

I know these two will have many more epic adventures to come.


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