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How to involve your pet in your wedding day

5 ways to involve your dog in the wedding day:

1. Have them at the ceremony! Get a friend or family member to hold them at the back. There are also services who will pick your dog up, bring them to the wedding & take them home for you.

2. Get ready with them in the morning. Weddings can be too much excitement for your furry friend, so just have them around while you are getting ready in the morning instead.

3. Have them meet you where you are doing your portraits. If you are going off site to somewhere dog friendly, have someone bring your dog to meet you for a few photos.

4. Wear something with their face no it! With all sorts of novelty socks and custom jewellery available, you can design something with your pet's name or face on it!

5. Do a post wedding photo session with them. If it is really not practical to have them there on the day - think about getting dressed up in your wedding clothes and doing photos with them.

It’s your day, and if you want to have your animals involved then let’s make it happen!


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