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Invercargill // Anderson's Park Engagement Session

Emma and Kade chose the most beautiful summers evening in Invercargill for their engagement session.

They brought along their gorgeous little pup Maggie who was kitted out in this super cute little jacket.

We just spent the next hour hanging out and wandering around the grounds of Anderson’s Park. It is such a gold mine for photographers with thick areas of native bush, ponds, bridges, flower gardens and the historic white house.

Emma and Kade we so damn cute, totally in love and had eyes only for each other.

Towards the end of the session we were doing photos on the bridge over the duck pond. Maggie was running around and is really scared of water so they were not worried she would be off chasing ducks or anything.

The lillypads are really thick on the surface of the pond and Maggie must have thought she could just walk on them. She stepped out and sunk into the pond! Her little face is hilarious, she was not impressed!

It was such a good night of laughter and just pure fun. I love evenings like this getting to hang out with awesome people and just enjoying a beautiful location.


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