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Invercargill // Skate Park Adventure Session

In the weekend I did a shoot with my friend Jas, who is photographing a wedding in Jan and wanted to get a few practices in before the big day.

I always think the best way to get out of your head (especially if you are worried about camera settings, lighting and the technical side of photos) is to focus on storytelling. That’s really what a photoshoot is - telling the story of a moment, day, event. Then everything starts to just fall together.

So I thought we would go to the skate park! It has a few cool elements to shoot with, you can use props (skateboards) and is actually a fun place to just muck around!

The rain cancelled this a couple of times, but Sunday evening was good and finally we got to do this session with Hannah & Chris.

Neither of them skate but it was fun trying! (Although there was a very angry 12y/o at the park who was very offended we were not holding the skateboards correctly 😅😂)

All in all, great to just play around with a fun new concept!


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