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Invercargill // Snow and Hot Tub Adventure Session

How absolutely magical was that big snow dump yesterday?! I can’t even remember the last time I saw snow on the streets in Invercargill.

The Fahey family knew how to make the most out of a snow day and I had so much fun capturing it.

They had a full on snow fight as those thick flakes were coming down.

I coped a few snowballs to the face from Tom but it was totally worth it for the photos haha.

The best way to warm up is with a hot tub afterwards – I have never done a hot tub/pool session before and now I totally want to shoot more like this!

My camera was not enjoying the freezing snow/steamy tub combination but pulled through and caught these gorgeous moments.

Could this family get any cuter?

Invercargill snowstorm family photos

"I cannot recommend Brogan enough! We have done family shoots and an engagement shoot and even though we were a little nervous Brogan completely put us at ease and it was so fun! It’s not just about taking some photos it is about the whole experience and I can’t wait to see her in action on our wedding day. Thanks again Brogan the photos are incredible, now for the hard task of picking some to frame! Xx "

- Sarah & Cam


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