Invercargill // Sunset Adventure Session in the grassland with horses

Here it is! The shoot you guys voted on! 🥳

My friend Jas, who is also a photographer, is moving to Christchurch. So we decided to do one last, just for fun shoot together before she left.

The votes came in and we ended up in the golden grass, with both horses (haha if you can even call Sheep a horse 😂), with dressy attire, a casual picnic & all the gear to chose from.

I actually ended up just using my Canon R6 + 50mm 1.4 lens for this entire thing!

Jess & Fergus had a great time modelling! The horses were such characters - I just left them loose to do their own thing and because they love attention so much, they wanted to hang out and try to steal food from the picnic.

So many laughs! If you have horses that you want to involve in your photos, it is absolutely do able. There are so many great locations in the trails at Sandy Point to bring the horses and create some awesome memories with them 🥰


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