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Milford Sound // Day Trip & Overnight at Eglinton Valley Camp

If you are looking to do a day trip into the stunning Milford Sound, why not break the trip up and stay close by at Eglinton Valley camp. Located just a 45-minute drive from the Sound it will give you more time to explore the surrounding area.

I went with a couple of friends away for the weekend and we travelled up from Invercargill.

Stopping in at Te Anau for breakfast before heading on to the camp.

With a range of options – Cabins, camp sites and caravan parks you can pick what level of comfort you desire!

We drove into Milford, stopping along the way to check out the Mirror Lakes, Homer Tunnel, Eglinton Valley, and beautiful Milford Sound itself.

Arriving back at camp as the sun was going down, we made up a platter and enjoyed the sun setting with a glass of wine. Bliss!

With this area having hardly any light pollution it is the perfect spot to stargaze at night too.

The next morning, we had a wander down the track that leads from the campsite to a close by waterfall.

You could spend a while weekend exploring this area and it’s well worth checking out some of the close by day hikes!

Nearby places to explore: Eglinton Valley, Mirror Lakes, Milford Sound


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