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Invercargill // Oreti Beach in the Winter Family Photos

When kids have grown up, left home and are now based all over the world, you have to take advantage of family photos when you all come together.

Kirstie is living in Christchurch and Knicole in Melbourne so when they were all in town last weekend we decided to get some girly family photos!

I know the thought of 'family photos' is often met with dread and a "whhhyyyyy... do we really have to?!" because we are conditioned to thinking it involves standing in a line and smiling awkwardly at the camera for 20 minutes.

Well. Do I have news for you. At Kiwi Captures we want you to have fun. We want to show off personalities and don't take ourselves too seriously while are doing it!

This year I have really been working on moving from posed photos to using prompts to evoke true emotion and give you something fun to do during your session.

Here are some of the photos we took last weekend.

and lets be honest... how can you not have a good time when you get photo bombed by two gorgeous Golden Retrievers to start?


Enjoy this session? Check out some more family photos here:


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