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Queenstown // Kamana Lakehouse + Heli Wedding

They did it!!! Erin & Andrew got married in beautiful Queenstown on Saturday & it was a pretty spectacular day.

Originally they were getting married in April (but ya know... 2020). Erin’s good friend Jen made her wedding gown, which was just magical!! On their planned wedding date in April while everyone was in lockdown, Jen made ANOTHER gown and sneaked it over the fence for Erin to wear that day to celebrate what should have been their wedding 😭❤️

It was all of the little details of the day that were so awesome. Jen had sewed into the hem of the gown the new wedding date + a piece of Erins Dads shirt & buttons. He passed away & she wanted to have something of his there on the wedding day and what a beautiful way to incorporate that into the gown.

After getting ready at Kāmana Lakehouse, Andrew can up to the balcony & they had a first look. I LOVE these moments - it’s when it all becomes real and the excitement & nerves kick in!

Before the ceremony we hopped in a heli and had an epic hour at the top of the Remarkables. It was windy as heck and freezing but these two and their bridal party braved the cold and embraced the mountain. Erin did the whole shoot in her 6 inch Louboutin heels (how, I have no idea - and am totally in awe!).

Back at Kāmana the family gathered and a beautiful ceremony took place on the balcony. Erins brother Hemi walked her down the aisle with a waerea holding a taiaha, while her talented friend sung. Once the official party was over they had drinks & games on the balcony before dinner.

Oh and to top of off, if you didn’t think these two were badass enough - they cut their cake with a freakin samurai sword. A gorgeous cake that Erins sister Fiona made!

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Barlow. Check out all of the amazing people who helped make this epic day happen 👇🏼

Hair: Hair to Wed

Make Up: Erin did her own!

Flowers: Rosie Flowers

Celebrant: Julie Curphey

Cake: Fiona Hoskins (Erin’s sister)

Video: Blair Hughson


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