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Riverton // Sunrise Adventure Engagement Session

Waking up to a -2 degree frost in the middle of winter is always a good sign that there will be a rather spectacular sunrise.

I met Alison and Craig out at Riverton - It was an early start for a Sunday but so worth it! The sun was just starting to pop out on the horizon and bath the landscape with that golden goodness.

It is always such a nice time of day to do photos - the light changes so much in the space of an hour, it gives you so many looks in one session.

We mucked around down on the beach for a while before climbing the trail to the outlook and then down to the back beach. I pulled out the drone for a few quick snaps on the rocks at the end. I always love the birds eye view of water washing up against the cliffs!

Despite the freezing cold these two had so much fun running around and enjoying the entire beach to themselves. Can't wait for their wedding day - it is gonna be a blast!

Riverton sunrise engagement photos

Riverton sunrise engagement photos


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