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Riverton // Winter Beach and Cliffs Elopement

Hannah and George were recently engaged after 14 years together. The have a beautiful son Hugo and a black lab Gus.

Hannah reached out to me about getting married kinda soon… like next weekend?

I was 100% down for it!

Riverton is their happy place, so it made sense to get married on the beach out there.

What I love so much about elopements is how personal and intimate they are. The entire day is just about the two of you and your experience.

It was a bluebird day with not a cloud in the sky.

After a relaxed morning Hannah got her hair and make up done and dressed up in the beautiful gown she had hired to wear to a ball that weekend. Now it was going to be her wedding dress!

Jude the celebrant arrived with a big bouquet of gorgeous flowers.

The plan was to have the vows/ceremony on the beach with just Hannah, George, Hugo, Gus the dog and Jude the celebrant. Later that evening George’s family were coming out to meet them for dinner and they would surprise them with the news they had got married!

Just as we were about to leave though – George got a call to say the family were in Riverton early because it was such a beautiful day and they were coming around to the house now to see them.

They arrived to everyone dressed up and Hannah casually mentioning “we are actually just about to go and get married!”.

Everyone came down to this beautiful spot on the beach overlooking the ocean up on a sand dune.

It was a quick but heartfelt ceremony with Hugo wandering around and Gus the dog sprinting in and out of the ceremony between chasing waves.

It was such a casual and relaxed afternoon – everything came together perfectly in the space of a week.

What an awesome way to start married life <3

Make - Up: Ashlee Whipps

Celebrant: Judith Mitchell

Riverton beach elopement, Southland - New Zealand

Riverton beach elopement, Southland - New Zealand

Riverton beach elopement, Southland - New Zealand


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