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Riverton // Mores Reserve Sunset Engagement Session

Angus & Ashleigh made a fleeting visit over to NZ to check out their wedding venue and get their last bits sorted before their wedding in January.

I caught up with them for a fun evening in Riverton to do some engagement photos! We got a stunning evening and these two had a blast.

Ashleigh did have a little secret though - when they went to pick out rings for the wedding, Angus liked a couple of them and eventually picked one. Ashleigh sneakily got the second one too and decided to propose to him to present this 2nd ring!

It was so cool - Angus had no idea. And to top it all off, Ashleigh even had a nice bottle of Cloudy Bay bubbles ( the same that Angus has when he proposed to her) stashed away in her bag to enjoy as the sun went down. Perfection 👌🏼


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