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Wreys Bush // Surprise Unicorn Party

Last week I got the pleasure of making a little girls birthday dreams come true!

Holly’s Mum contacted me to ask if I could bring Sheep the little unicorn out to her daughters 4th birthday party as a surprise. She sent me a video of the enchanted forest on the property and honestly – how could anyone say no!? It was the dream location!

So, we arrived in the afternoon and had to use all our ninja stealth skills to creep into the forest un noticed. Luckily Sheep is tiny and very good at creeping.

We found the perfect spot and waited in the bushes.

The kids thought they were going into the forest to have birthday cake and as they crossed the little creek, picked up dandelions and made wishes.

Holly wished for a unicorn, so she could fly up and visit her Grammy in heaven. (Yeah, I totally welled up when I heard this too!)

When they rounded the corner of the tree’s there in the middle of the forest was a tiny little unicorn just the right size for a 4-year-old.

The reactions were just priceless, and we spent the next hour giving Sheep all the cuddles and kisses.

It is moments like this that are just magical and give real meaning to what we as photographers do – capturing these once in a lifetime moment that can be treasured forever.

On a side note: I am extremely lucky to have such a trustworthy and bombproof pony to work with. Sheep is an absolute doll and thrives on attention. There are not many ponies that could cope with this level of attention or be happy to just stand and chill out while multiple kids sit on her back.

So, if you want to try this at home, please, please make sure you have a trustworthy pony and keep everyone’s safety as a top priority 😊


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