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Testimonials + Feedback // Adventure Sessions

"I couldn't be happier with the photos captured by our talented Brogan in New Zealand. Leading up to the photo session, our biggest concerns were about finding the right locations and ensuring that the photos truly captured the essence of our trip. However, once we made the booking and started working with Brogan, all my worries melted away. She was incredibly professional, attentive to detail, and had a keen eye for capturing the most breathtaking moments.

During the session, We felt completely at ease thanks to her friendly and reassuring demeanor. She knew exactly how to direct us to get the best shots while still allowing for natural, candid moments. The result? A collection of photos that exceeded all expectations. Each image perfectly encapsulates the beauty of New Zealand and the joy we experienced during our journey.

To anyone considering hiring this photographer, I wholeheartedly recommend her without hesitation. She goes above and beyond to deliver stunning photos that you'll treasure for a lifetime. Don't hesitate to book her services; you won't regret it!"

  • Saurabh & Janki

"I’m never sure how to begin reviews, so we’ll just go with this: Brogan captured our anniversary in New Zealand in such an amazing way that I can say with confidence that our children will flip through these images one day; like, our wedding photos will be in a photo album somewhere as well, but we’ll probably show them these first Haha she EASILY captured our favourite photos ever taken of us (side note: we hate being in front of the camera lol)

Brogan was not only able to coach us into natural, romantic poses, but also allowed our goofy personalities to show through and capture the emotions we had throughout our entire once-in-a-lifetime trip to the South Island!

As photographers ourselves, my husband and I understand how difficult it can be to capture emotion and not just “pretty pictures”; Brogan absolutely knocked it out of the park!!

Despite the time difference between our two locations (18 hours to be exact), Brogan was in constant communication with us prior to our trip. She helped educate us on various location options and helped us narrow down a spot that was perfect for the style we were hoping for! Not only did she meet us where we were at that stage in our road trip, she did it before the sun had even risen!! She met us at our hotel in Queenstown and drove us to a beautiful spot in the mountains, just in time for an incredible sunrise. She was even prepared for the freezing temperatures and brought a blanket for me to use between shots! (Sometimes beauty really IS pain; I just HAD to rock a summer dress in the winter…

We felt like instant friends with Brogan and even grabbed a well-deserved breakfast together afterwards! We’re firm believers in capturing your travels in photo form rather than a souvenir magnet or shot glass; adventure-loving photographers like Brogan make this possible! Whether you’re a first-time visitor to the island or a long-time local, HIRE THIS GIRL TODAY!!

** We seriously can’t thank you enough, Brogan! :) **

  • Rachel & Jeff

"The photos delivered so much faster than we’ve expected! A week after shooting! They look AMAZINGGGGG!

We LOVE those photos, love the sunrise, the scenery, love the moments that Brogan’s captured! She has ‘got’ us the exactly sort of photography that we were after for this shooting! Brogan has been an absolute dream to work with, we had so much fun during the shoot too, had a great laugh and its definitely an awesome one of a kind experience for us!

Her experiences, professionalism and guidance made the shooting went so smoothly, which allowed us to relax and just be ourselves in the shoot. If you are considering who to book for your next photoshoot, look no further. I am sure you’ll be absolutely happy with her professionalism and the the photos are simply amazing!

We are considering her for our next shooting already! We couldn't be more happier with the results! Thank you for the ride, thank you for your time, patient and passion in photography!"

  • Love, J n N from Msia

"Being our first professional photoshoot, we were worried about how the photos would turned out. However, Brogan is really friendly and made us felt comfortable throughout the photography session!

We are so glad to have her as our photographer and with it being our first time in NZ, we got to experience the amazing sceneries and have it all captured perfectly.

We will definitely reminiscence about NZ whenever we look through these photos, and we highly recommend anyone looking to have their photos taken with their loved ones to have Brogan do it, as she does it really well and we cannot stop raving about it!"

  • Jia Hao & Charmaine

"I absolutely loved our couples session with Brogan and the images she delivered, extremely fast, I might add too!

Brogan communicated well as we were visiting from Australia and helped us with booking in a helicopter for our shoot (had to cancel the helicopter due to weather). I was worried as my husband does not enjoy having his photo taken, but Brogan guided us through the whole shoot, which helped loosen him up.

I am converted and will be booking a shoot for each overseas holiday to capture our time away together. I love that we have photos of us in our hiking gear after a big holiday of tramping to look back on too. Thank you again Brogan!"

  • Felicity & Nathan

"We are so LUCKY to have found Kiwi Captures!

We are couples from Hong Kong. We used to dream of overseas wedding but Covid just changed our plan, luckily we could have Brogan as our photographer so that we could have some wonderful pictures during our honeymoon.

Not only Brogan could take super awesome picture as we wanted, knowing where to get those quiet spots, beautiful scenery and the best sunlight for photos, she also making very good use of time to capture the most for us.

Brogan is a friendly person, always upbeat and easy to communicate with. She gave us lots of useful information before our trip so we don’t need to worry about the day, and her every response is fast, patient and in details. I do thank her for what she did, and recommended for future clients."

  • Vicky & Ben

"Going to New Zealand has been a dream of mine for decades… so when the topic of “Where should we Honeymoon?” came up.. NZ was my obvious pick! A few months leading up to the honeymoon, Myles and I started thinking that it might be a nice treat to hire a photographer to do a mini session with us to help capture this incredible trip.

I wanted to find someone who truly not only knew some stunning spots but someone who also loved and treasured this incredible country and could really capture “us.” Anyone can take a picture— I wanted someone who put love into their work. I browsed many local photographers who all had some gorgeous work (I mean it’s hard to take a bad picture in NZ!) but what made Brogan stand out to me, was that I could feel so much Life in her photos.

I didn’t know any of the people in the photos and yet I found myself smiling so big as I scrolled through page after page of her work. I also loved that all her work was so “real” - not overly edited, great use to lighting and knows her scenery well… she captures real moments with real people…. The exact thing I wanted for our photoshoot.

Brogan was a rockstar when it came to communication and coordinating around our very packed vacation agenda… she was flexible, helpful, and overall just a super kind person. Within minutes of meeting Brogan in person, my husband and I already felt like we were hanging with a friend. Taking photos can be awkward sometimes but we genuinely just had so much fun with her!

Brogan also got us our completed album before we even left NZ! And let me tell you.. they all were amazing!! Not only the most breathtaking background (I swear it almost looks fake except we know it’s not lol) but she captured our love and our complete affinity to each other. Photos are not just photos… they are pieces of art. And this art will be truly treasured forever! Thank you Brogan! Hiring you was one of the best parts of our trip!"

  • Laura & Myles

"Everything is so dreamy and beautiful! Brogan was incredibly attentive to our needs, providing thoughtful suggestions that made us feel confident and worry-free from the very beginning. On the day of the shoot, the atmosphere was relaxed, and it felt like we effortlessly captured moments while casually conversing.

The photos exceeded our expectations, being absolutely perfect! Thanks to Brogan, Jaye, and I felt like characters from a fairy tale. Everything is so incredibly beautiful and worthwhile!

If you're looking for a photographer who understands your needs and captures the beauty of natural moments, Brogan is undoubtedly the best choice!"

  • Zoey & Jaye

"Brogan made an already special trip and moment even more memorable! She not only helped me plan and pull off a surprise proposal to my girlfriend, but the photos and memories she helped us capture of that moment are things we will cherish.

She was great to work with, very communicative, professional, and easily helped keep the secret. When we got our photos back from her, we were so impressed by the moments she was able to capture. It immediately took both of us back to the moment of the proposal and all the happiness that followed.

We're so happy we got to work with her and have these amazing photos and memories to treasure."

  • Sebastain & Tamlin

Brogan of Kiwi Captures was a dream to work with! You must hire her if you are seeking a Queenstown photographer or want some incredible photos from your holiday in New Zealand. We hired Brogan for an Adventure Session while we were on our honeymoon in NZ from the US.

We wanted to capture the natural beauty of our trip and knew a professional photographer was required. We met at Tasman Glacier and immediately felt like we were simply out on a photo shoot with a friend. She learned our personalities very quickly and did an incredible job of bringing those to life in our photos.

She captured the perfect combination of us/our partnership and the natural beauty that is Mt. Cook/Aoroki. Brogan travels all over the country to photograph beautiful New Zealand weddings and cleverly realized Adventure Sessions for those on holiday were in demand. We cannot recommend Brogan enough – hire her – your expectations will be far surpassed. Thank you, Brogan!

  • Liz & Brian

"My boyfriend and I were flying to Queenstown from Sydney to celebrate our 1 year anniversary. I wanted to capture our first overseas trip together by organising a photoshoot.

I felt apprehensive when reaching out to Brogan as I wasn’t sure how easy it would be to arrange a photoshoot in another country. Brogan put my mind to ease and promptly answered all of my questions. I really appreciated her wonderful location suggests as well as her advice on what to/what not to wear as I really had no idea what to expect going into this.

On the day everything ran like clock work. Brogan picked my boyfriend and I up from our hotel and we all travelled together to each location. It was so incredible that she offered us transport as we weren’t renting a car at the time and were concerned about how much an Uber would cost.

My boyfriend and I are by no means models so we weren’t sure how the shoot was going to play out but Brogan made us feel so comfortable every step of the way! We had an absolute blast and loved working with Brogan.

Thank you Brogan for such a memorable time together! I would highly recommend this experience to anyone!"

  • Katie & David

"We wanted to do a casual couple shoot near Queenstown and had booked an adventure shoot with Brogan. My husband and I were pretty nervous and didn't know what to expect as we weren't used to taking photos/posing etc.

During the shoot, Brogan was very warm and encouraging. She provided guidance on what we should do (but not to the point where it became too 'posey'), while letting us be our natural selves. We felt really comfortable during the shoot.

The photos turned out amazing, location was perfect and she has a knack for capturing raw happy moments that we will be able to cherish for years to come. Highly recommend Brogan!! Do not hesitate to book her!

Thanks again xx"

  • Apphia and Leonard

"I contacted Brogan to have a surprise proposal photoshoot.

Brogan snuck along the entirety of the Mount Cook hike taking amazing photos of my partner and I, and the landscapes; and captured some amazing photos of the journey, the proposal and some photos after the proposal.

I can’t recommend Brogan highly enough for both her photography skills, her sneaking skills and her bubbly and friendly personality.

Thanks again Brogan!"

  • Shaun

"OK when I tell you guys you haven't experienced good photography until you've met Brogan, I mean it!

I'm like Alice from the big bang theory, except a little less photogenic and she made me feel and look like God damn Penny! The guidance was 100% there, the ENTHUSIASM! GIRL!

Coming into the shoot, I was soooo soooo nervous, our wedding photos missed intimacy and fun, but Brogan made all of it happen for both of us!

It rained! It was cold! But man I would 100% do it all over again! Thank-you so much for giving us the perfect end to our perfect day 🥰

  • Jess & Sean

"Brogan is an amazing photographer. We did our maternity shoot with her and it was so wonderful.

She has quality to make everything easy and comfortable for you while photoshoot, we enjoyed the entire session so much. And we got the best photos ever.

Hats off to Brogan for her excellent photography."

  • Sneha & Chetan

"We chose Brogan for our adventure session photo shoot because we loved her natural style of photography.

We wanted some amazing shots with our red kombi van in the hills of Alexandra - because that's who we are and what we're about. We've not had photos taken of us together since our wedding day and I think it's important to create memories throughout your life together.

But we're not at ease in front of the camera - so that was an initial concern when we wanted to have natural looking photos. Brogan is awesome though at just making the whole session feel like we're out having an adventure together as a couple with our bestie along! We ended up in sitting in our van at the end with the heater on to warm up after it got cold, just chatting with her about all sorts.

You don't have to put on make-up, get your hair done, wear your glam clothes (unless you want to!) That's not us, and that's what we loved about our photo shoot.

We wouldn't hesitate to recommend Brogan to anyone as their photographer - whether it be a wedding or couples wanting to create some new memories together. You only have to check out her photos to see what a beautiful story she creates - go and book her today!!"

  • Lynda & Warren

"My fiancé and I were meant to be getting married earlier this year but lockdown put a hold on that about a month out from our date. This meant that we were stuck waiting for our new date to roll around with nothing really left to plan! So we decided for our anniversary we would go and get some photos taken together to keep the pre-wedding excitement levels up.

In the lead up, her communication was quick and clear, she even provided us with tips on how to pick our outfits which was a godsend! As with anything that involves meeting new people, we were a bit nervous coming into the photoshoot that we wouldn’t click with Brogan and it would show in our photos. We couldn’t have been more wrong! Brogan was nothing but warm and a whole lot of fun to be around. She made us feel really at ease about getting into the photos which, if you aren’t really a PDA kind of couple like us, can be a bit daunting!

We absolutely loved our session with Brogan and the photos turned out better than we could have ever imagined. Now we are faced with the daunting prospect of picking our favourites! If you’ve been tossing up the idea of going and getting some photos taken with your loved one, maybe because you feel like you wouldn’t know what to do, don’t panic!

Brogan does an amazing job at giving direction and helping you come out of your shell. Our only regret from our shoot was we should have booked a longer session!"

  • Kayleigh & Brandon

"If you are considering Brogan to capture your special moments, just do it!

We had the pleasure of Brogan capturing some incredible engagement photos with us!

She has a fun, bubbly personality and makes you feel super comfortable to just be yourself.

Her images were a true expression of us as a couple, and we had such a great time capturing them. We love every single photo so it is proving super hard to pick a few to have printed."

  • Hannah & Harlem

"From the moment I found out about Kiwi Captures, I completely fell in love. It was definitely the style of photography I was looking for our pre-wedding shoot. We were fortunate to have Brogan as our photographer. Brogan was super helpful from the very beginning.

Communication was great. Due to COVID-19 our flights from Auckland to Queenstown was cancelled 3x and Brogan was very accommodating to reschedule us each time.

I love, love the locations where we did our shoots. Working with Brogan was super fun. It felt as if we're catching up with an old mate because that's how comfortable and easy it was to work with Brogan. She did an amazing job and we're so stoked with our photos - all 115 of them.

I strongly recommend Kiwi Captures, their work won't disappoint."

  • Ash & Manvir

"From the first coffee I had with Brogan, I knew she would be amazing and she hasn't disappointed!

We had the most amazing engagement session and she made us feel like we had known her for ages, so chill and professional. We are in love with the images from this shoot and are super excited to have her with us on our big day and get some even more stunning images. Just the best experience.

We cant thank you enough! x"

  • Stacey & Scott

"Oh my gosh where to start! We had the best experience working with Brogan. The photos turned out absolutely amazing! Communication and planning was super easy.

We were both a bit nervous never having photos taken professionally and thought that might show through in the photos, but Brogan is incredibly easy to work with, she made us both feel relaxed and comfortable and we quickly forgot she was snapping away with her camera.

The photos are amazing and something we both are so glad we done! 100% recommended for photos you'll never want to stop looking at!"

  • Sherie & Mick

"Would definitely recommend Brogan, this was the second time we have had photos taken by her and to this date they are some of our favourite pics!

She is very welcoming and makes sure you are on the same page about the result you want at the end of the session, very accommodating to your needs and we got our photos back in less than a week!

Some of the concerns we had leading up to the photo session were just simple things such not feeling confident in if the photos would come back reflecting who we are as people. Both my partner and I aren’t the most photogenic people and can feel awkward in front of a camera, so we were both just wanting a really natural less posed approach. We had general concerns about the weather, being in the middle of winter but for us, was the only time we were available.

Once we got in contact with Brogan, she made our concerns feel valid and reassured us that they would turn out great and sure enough, they did, and we couldn’t be happier! Although it was an absolutely freezing cold morning and wouldn’t stop raining Brogan encouraged us that there were some great shots and to not worry. She brought along some clear umbrellas for us to use as well and these are some of our favourites!

She made us feel at ease and I would recommend her to anyone, if you’re on the fence about booking all I can say is do it, you won’t be disappointed! She has a great price point and no matter how far the destination and time of day she makes it work. Will definitely be back in future!"

  • Pyper & Sam

"Brogan makes you feel so comfortable (even if you're not a fan of PDA). Had a great time during the shoot, and despite a long drive after work to get to the location Brogan's energy and enthusiasm kept us going."

  • Zoe & Griff

"We had a great experience with Brogan, she is an amazing photographer.

A wonderful person to work with, not a moment felt boring.

Our anniversary photos are beautiful, love them all. Thank you"

  • Shweta & Nelson


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