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5 things to do in Invercargill on a date night

While 2020 has stopped us from looking further afield in search of epic adventures and tightened the wallets, it doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice date nights with your partner!

Here are 5 cheap date night ideas that will get you out of the house & that you can enjoy in Invercargill.

1. A picnic

Get some snacks & a blanket, bring your dog and maybe some music. Find a nice spot to enjoy a secluded picnic. You don’t need to have fancy wine or crackers. Just enjoy spending some time together connecting in nature! Don’t forget to Leave No Trace and clean up all your rubbish before you leave.

2. Stargazing

We are so lucky to have AMAZING clear skies in the South. Jump in the back of a Ute or just find a nice spot with a sleeping bag or blanket to lie back and watch the stars. Once your eyes have adjusted you will be surprised at just how many shooting stars and satellites pass overhead every hour.

If you get lucky enjoy, there might just happen to be an Aurora (Southern Lights).

3. Walk/F&C on the beach.

Yeah, an oldie but a goodie! There is a reason that ‘long walks on the beach’ are often sung about!

With Oreti Beach just a 12 - minute drive from the City Centre, you can do no wrong. We get spectacular sunsets and with over 25km of beach, you will feel like you have the whole place to yourself!

4. Ten Pin Bowling

Ok, so Superbowl is definitely rocking those early 2000’s vibes, but it can be a super fun blast from the past and affordable evening activity – especially if the weather is less than ideal.

5. Bush Walk

We are very spoilt for choice when it comes to walking tracks in Invercargill. Whether you decide to head out to Sandy Point and enjoy the native forest or take an evening wander through Queens Park and feed the ducks. The long evenings in the summer are the perfect time to get out and enjoy the outdoors.


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