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Christchurch // Relaxed In Home Family Session

The Morris Family have had a pretty huge year.

Back in January they moved from Melbourne to Christchurch.

Sarah then found out she was pregnant - but with twins! Then covid happened, they bought a new house during lockdown and moved in a few weeks later.

I was heading up to Christchurch to do maternity photos when Sarah told me she had suddenly had the twins at 28 weeks and now they are on a NICU journey, juggling Freddie and Charlie in hospital and Finn & Leo at home.

So this year has been full on for Sez and Chance!

We decided to do a quick in home session with the four of them and get some photos in their beautiful new house!

While the twins won't be home for a while, I took some photos of their nursery that Sarah has put together over the last couple of months in a very cute jungle theme.

It won't be long before they are all at home together <3

If you want to keep up with Sarah's journey she is sharing it all over on her blog here: Baby Cakes AU

Christchurch in home family photos

Christchurch in home family photos

Christchurch in home family photos

Jungle themed twin nursery


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