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Invercargill // Multi Day Indian + Western Wedding

Emily & Chirag had an amazing 2 day wedding - the Friday was an Indian ceremony and the Saturday a Western one!

It was bucketing with rain - like torrential rain on the Friday, so everything had to happen inside. Luckily it didn’t matter at all because the marquee was decorated with an explosion of colour, the heat lamps were on and all of the guests were also dressed in bright bold colours.

Emily & the girls got ready in the morning together. the day before they had henna done on their hands which looked awesome. Chirag’s Mum actually bought Emily’s Indian outfit before the pair were even engaged and she had great taste because it was gorgeous!

The ceremony was around 1.5hrs with lots of family involved and so many touching moments. Afterwards there was an Indian buffet for lunch and thankfully we got a little break in the weather to get some photos outside.

These two looked incredible and Emily had even made an outfit for their dog Sirius. It was such a fun day and the best part was, they were all getting together and doing it all again the following day! ❤️

Hair: Katie Deacon

Catering: Malabar Kitchen

Coordination: STAC Weddings

Venue: Family Property


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