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Invercargill // 63rd Wedding Anniversay Session

Today my Oma and Opa celebrated their 63rd wedding anniversary.

63 years!!! That’s more than twice as long as I have even been alive!

Two months ago, Opa had a fall and broke his neck. All the way up at C1, so how he is even alive and not paralysed is something of a miracle. Last week he was moved from the hospital to Rowena Jackson to finish off his recovery.

A real romantic at heart he was really upset that he didn’t have a card and flowers ready to give Oma.

So yesterday we came up with a little plan – to have a surprise lunch at the rest home with Opa’s favourite Chinese food.

It was the cutest thing and such a nice way to celebrate when he is so limited with his neck collar.

Milo their golden retriever came along as well.

That is true love and all of the couple goals right there.

If you have grandparents – take some time to spend an afternoon with them. They are so special, and time goes so quickly. Enjoy all those precious little moments.

One day, they won’t be here and all you have are these memories to look back on.


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