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Invercargill // Backyard + Ascot Park Hotel Wedding with horses

It’s not everyday that the bride makes a dramatic entrance to her wedding on the back of a big white horse, hair perfectly braided and cowboy boots shining is it?

Alice & Ryan were married on Friday at a friends property in Invercargill. Ryan spent the morning with the guys + their son Oakley. They had full suits with suspenders and the theme was a rich emerald green against black.

Alice spent the morning getting ready with her friends & 3 month old Mackin at home. Jazz & Charlie the horses also had a full morning of pampering, make up and freshly oiled hooves!

The original plan was for Alice to ride her horse Flynn down the aisle. He tragically had an accident and had to be put to sleep a few months before the wedding day. So in his memory Alice had a bracelet & necklace made with part of his tail hair plaited and wound into the jewellery so he would be with her in spirit.

She mounted up and rode a few streets over to the ceremony. Little Charlie the miniature horse came as well! They entered the driveway, Alice stopped Jazz, did a hair toss & then rode out again! Dismounted and walked with her Dad down the aisle. It was pretty boss. Oakley was so excited to see his Mum as well!

They had a beautiful ceremony & stayed in the gardens for drinks, snacks and photos afterwards too. As the rain threatened to pour down we whipped back to the house so Alice could visit Flynn’s grave before heading to the reception at Ascot Park.

It was a night of good food, good speeches & then the dance floor opened and the partying began! Such a cool day and I’m so pleased everything came together just perfectly for the pair.

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Cochrane! 🥂

Flowers: Kim Barker

Celebrant: Married by Steph

Cake: Melanie

Band: All Night Long

Reception: Ascot Park Hotel


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