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Milford Sound // Private Tesla Tour & Boat Cruise

Te Anau is the gateway to one of the most beautiful spots in New Zealand - Milford Sound!

Amy & I were lucky enough to take a mid week, girls trip and break to spend a night at the Anchorage Apartments, which seem basic enough when you first arrive - but hidden away in a private courtyard behind the room was a cedar hot tub! Woohoo!

For the price of the room (averaging $120 per night) you won’t be able to find a more affordable place to stay with your own hot tubs. They are quite big and easily hold 2 people. Bring a few snacks & a bottle of wine to make it a luxury experience.

The next morning Nigel (who owns the motel + Envy Experiences) packed us into the Tesla for a private tour into Milford Sound.

The Tesla gas doors that open sideways like wings, big, comfortable seats and clear windows above your head so no matter where you sit, you can see all of the scenery! It is an electric car and almost eerily silent as it drives.

Nigel gave us a running commentary as we drove in and stopped at all these amazing little locations along the way. Eglington Vallery with its golden grass, into rich green and mossy native forest and beside mountains with dramatic waterfalls.

We had a break for coffee & snacks before carrying on through the Homer Tunnel and onwards to Milford. With covid and such a lack of visitors it was bizarre to be able to just drive in and park wherever we wanted! Usually these car parks are packed to the brim and the ferry terminal surrounded with buses.

We were booked on a cruise with Cruise Milford. It was a 1.5hr trip out into the Sounds to get up close to the towering cliffs and cascading waterfalls. It blows my mind the sheer scale of the place.

The best time to go to Milford is when it is bucketing with rain! It makes the cliffs come alive and 1000’s of waterfalls make this area just magical!

Once back on shore we had a little picnic with the Bowen Falls crashing way. The famous Milford swing is here too, so don’t forget to grab a photo before you leave!

On the drive out when we came to the big long straights, Nigel showed us some of the Tesla’s bells and whistles! The self drive, 0 - 100 acceleration in 4 seconds and the Tesla dance! This is where the car plays music & opens its doors/flashes lights/moves the wing mirrors etc. It was hilarious.

All in all this is an amazing way to see Milford Sound. For the same price as catching a packed bus, you can get a private tour and Nigel knows all of the best places to stop for photos!

So stay a night at the Anchorage Apartments, then enjoy your own private Milford tour with Envy Experiences.

It was be a refreshing weekend away visiting some of the best scenery in NZ for an incredible price!


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