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Queenstown // Winter Mountain Adventure Session

Kayleigh & Brandon has to postpone their wedding this year in April (damn covid!). But, decided to do an adventure session on their 7 - year anniversary instead!

I was awesome, they came up to Queenstown the night before and enjoy a relaxed night and made the most out of their anniversary. We started off photos the next day just exploring this full frozen over lake up Coronet Peak! We were all pretty curious about how strong the ice was, and Brandon went and tested it out. Turns out the lake was frozen solid!

We mucked around up there for an hour or so before finishing off in the last light by the River.

It was such a fun afternoon and so good to get some fun photos with the snow!

"My fiancé and I were meant to be getting married earlier this year but lockdown put a hold on that about a month out from our date. This meant that we were stuck waiting for our new date to roll around with nothing really left to plan! So we decided for our anniversary we would go and get some photos taken together to keep the pre-wedding excitement levels up.

In the lead up, her communication was quick and clear, she even provided us with tips on how to pick our outfits which was a godsend! As with anything that involves meeting new people, we were a bit nervous coming into the photoshoot that we wouldn’t click with Brogan and it would show in our photos. We couldn’t have been more wrong! Brogan was nothing but warm and a whole lot of fun to be around. She made us feel really at ease about getting into the photos which, if you aren’t really a PDA kind of couple like us, can be a bit daunting!

We absolutely loved our session with Brogan and the photos turned out better than we could have ever imagined. Now we are faced with the daunting prospect of picking our favourites! If you’ve been tossing up the idea of going and getting some photos taken with your loved one, maybe because you feel like you wouldn’t know what to do, don’t panic!

Brogan does an amazing job at giving direction and helping you come out of your shell. Our only regret from our shoot was we should have booked a longer session!"

- Kayleigh & Brandon


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