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Wanaka // Rippon Hall Autumn Wedding

Ok, I'm ready to share all of the goodness from Alyse & Fredericks Wedding Day (which finally happened on the third try, chur covid) at Rippon Vineyard in Wanaka!

It was a glorious Autumn day as Freddie spent the morning getting ready with his crew. Their dog Gavin couldn’t be at the wedding, so his paw prints were engraved in Freddie’s cuff links! Such a cute touch.

Alyse had a very relaxed morning with her friends who played cards and enjoyed bubbles while hair & make up happened.

Alyse had the most incredible wedding details - she custom made her own perfume with Miller’s Fragrances. Had the highest heels with butterflies on the back. Her custom gown had inspiration from ballet tutus & lacing up the back. Grandmothers pearls + stunning wax sealed stationary.

After getting to her gown she did a first look with both Mum & Dad. It’s always such an emotional moment and so nice to see.

The ceremony was at Rippon Vineyard overlooking Lake Wanaka and Ruby Island. With the colours starting to turn it is such a picturesque space! They all made their was down the hill in pairs (the whole bridal party walked in together) before Alyse made her big entrance.

They had an incredible ceremony with the most amazing personal vows. There were lots of tears from the guests watching on. During the signing the bridesmaids sang (such incredible voices!) Then they walked back down the aisle with bubbles being blown and as husband & wife!

They had a picnic packed full of goodies but we didn’t have too much time to go off site so set up a picnic in the shade and did photos on the lawn. The bridal party had a great time popping bubbles and goofing around in the sun. I think on of my favourite things about the day was just how happy everyone was - it’s clear these two have so many people who love them dearly and have been awaiting this day for a while!

The best was to come next - Alyse is a very talented gymnast & also dancer. So for the first dance they had a full on choreographed dance to Don’t Stop Believin’ by Journey. The guest reactions were priceless as Freddie did these big lifts & dips. It was so cool!

The reception was all set up in the marquee area with cookies embossed with Gavin the dogs face & personalised menus.

The evening was filled with speeches, delicious food and we managed to sneak out and catch the last of the sun before it hid behind the mountains.

So happy this day finally came after lots of postponing and uncertainty! Congratulations Mr & Mrs Wright 🥂

Gown: Anita from Vinka Design

Bridesmaids Dresses: Evolution Bridesmaids

Celebrant: David Jensen

Venue: Rippon Hall


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