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Invercargill // The Church 1914 + Woodlands Rugby Club Wedding

Brooke and Mitch popped over from Aus to has the most amazing wedding day day surrounded by all of the people they love ❤️

Mitch & the guys had a busy morning with powder being put in hair, suspenders attached & cologne being sprayed. While Brooke had a very relaxed morning with her bridesmaids, getting glammed up and enjoying a bubbles before heading off to get married!

The ceremony was in the Church 1914 (a newly renovated venue that is AMAZING inside!). To break the ice and start the ceremony Bodhi came dancing down the aisle with a basket full of liquor and shots that he handed out to guys. At the end of the aisle he did a quick shot with Mitch before the rest of the bridal party entered.

There was a $100 bet on the Mitch would cry and he held it together (just) as Brooke made her entrance. They had a beautiful ceremony and enjoyed drinks and a bit of sun post ceremony!

We headed off for a some photos with the crew before arriving a the reception at the Woodlands Rugby Club. They had a free for all seating plan and continuous food all night. Everyone gave an amazing speech but Mitch took the cake! He was so close to losing it a few times, but held it together… until the flood gates opened and he cried - I have never see so many people cheer to see tears haha! And the $100 bet was lost.

It was a day of so much laughter, happiness and genuine enjoyment of each others company. I know it will hav been an epic party and there will have been a few sore heads on Saturday!

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Dawson! 🥂

Make Up: Kendyl Tuilagi

Suit: Connors & R.M Williams

Ceremony Venue: The Church 1914

Reception Venue: Woodlands Rugby Club

Celebrant: Wayne Harding

Cake: Celine Beard

Music: DJ Phill


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