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Invercargill // Sandy Point Sunset with Horses

Do you have a beloved pet at home that can’t for logistical reasons be a part of your wedding day?

Well here is a great way to not only wear your dress once again, but get your fur buddies involved too!

I was lucky enough to have this stunning Cathy Telle gown to photograph before sending it back to the Ukraine and wanted to create something a little different.

Felicity jumped on board to model for me at very short notice and Ashlee did the same with make up!

The horses brought their A game and behaved so well considering it was a sticky and humid night with a million sand flies trying to get involved.

My Mum came out to wrangle the horses and dress so I could run around and get all of the shots I needed in the 30 - minute time frame we had to work with before the sun set.

So if you are looking for something a little unique and a get excuse to get that wedding gown out again, get in touch and we can create something special, just for you!

Fab team listed here:

Model: Felicity Durand

Horses:m Quest and Sheep

Invercargill photographer - photoshoot with bride at sunset and horses

Invercargill photographer - photoshoot with bride at sunset and horses


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Samantha Ayres
Samantha Ayres
Dec 09, 2022

Hi, what would your prices be for 45 mins of this?

Also, would you be providing the horses and boots, hat etc.😊

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