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What is a first look and why do I need to consider it?

A first look is the term give to when you see your partner for the first time on your wedding day.

Traditionally this was always when the bride/groom was walking down the aisle and their partner is waiting at the front of the aisle. This can be great, but here are a few reasons to consider doing a private first look together:

1: You can feel all the emotions, without the pressure.

A wedding day can be super overwhelming. Especially when you are expected to walk between a large group of people and be the centre of attention. If you do a private first look with your partner before the ceremony, it gives you both the opportunity to really take in the moment and feel however you want without judgement and observation from your family & guests.

Brittany & Hayden did a first look beside the lake in Cromwell before heading up a mountain for photos with the bridal party.

2: You can do your photos before the ceremony

Once you have seen each other and had a bit of time together, this is a great chance to do all your photos with the bridal party. Getting your picture done earlier in the day mean that you can spend more time with your guests after the ceremony and won’t be disappearing during cocktail hour.

Kateleen & Kieran did their first look by a pond. Kieran had a custom suit made for the wedding day and Kateleen had no idea what it would look like, or even what colour it would be! So this was just as much a surprise for each of them.

3: You can use a unique location

If there is a particular location that is important to you both and is not somewhere you want to take the full bridal party, then this is a chance to use the location and get some photos here early in the day.

Emily & Zandy went to the top of their parents orchard for a first look. It was a beautiful spot where they could have some time together before joining the bridal party for photos down the hill.

4: It can be with anyone, not just your partner!

First looks with parents can be super emotional moments. When they see you dressed up in your wedding outfit for the first time so many emotions bubble up and it can be a beautiful moment to have with your parents. This is the same for bridesmaids/groomsmen – catching that moment they first see you can be priceless.

Emily did a first look with her Dad on the road outside where she was getting ready. They had this beautiful moment together.

You don't have to be outside - it can take place where you are getting ready.

5: If you have young children, you can get photos together early in the day

A wedding can be a huge day for small kids and if they are at their best earlier in the day, this is a great time to get some photos of you all together as a family while they are happy and well rested!

Tegan & Sam did a first look before having photos with their son Elliot and dog Paige.

If you choose to do a private first look, I recommend setting aside about 30 minutes for this so after the first look happens you have some time to just relax together before the ceremony.

Erin & Andrew did a first look on their balcony in Queenstown before heading off in a helicopter for photos with the bridal party.

Sarah & Cam did a first look at Dublin Bay - we then realised it was too hot to stay here to do photos with the bridal party so headed to another location with a bit of shade. This spot was quite special so I'm pleased we managed to do the first look here.

Hannah & Tom wanted to do a quick first look before the ceremony. We stopped at a park near the venue so they could see each other and have 10 minutes alone before the ceremony started.

O'Leah & Mike were heading away in a helicopter for photos, so we did their first look at the jetty in Glenorchy before they took flight.


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