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5 reasons to book an engagement session

Does the thought of engagement photos make you cringe inside? Found yourself thinking:

“Ugh how awkward!” “I don’t look that great in front of a camera…”, “we are soooo not a lovely dovey affectionate couple…” “I’m already getting photos at my wedding, why do I need more?” Well here are a few reason's to consider taking the leap and getting those photos taken!

1: It gives you a chance to work with your photographer before the actual wedding.

This is ideal for both parties – we get to see how you interact as a couple and what you find weird/awkward/self conscious about when being photographed and you get to see how we work. Every photographer has a different way of directing and posing to bring out the real you.

It gives you the chance to know what you are in for on your wedding day and to connect with your photographer in the field. If you worry about how you look in photos we can play around with various poses, prompts and techniques so you know what is flattering and what will make you look your absolute best on the day of your wedding.

Carina & Ben enjoyed a stunning sunset at the beach.

2: It gives you the opportunity to use a location that is different from your wedding venue.

Think waterfalls, beaches, forest and mountains that may not be accessible or practical on your actual wedding day. I love to make your session a real adventure or date night. Such a good excuse to visit those places you have always dreamed of but never got around to.

Sarah & Cam made a trip to the Clay Cliffs - A dramatic location hidden away in Omarama!

3: You now have beautiful photos for decorating and invites!

Wedding invitations, save the date cards, thank you’s, presents to the in-laws and your wedding website. It is a great chance to get photos in your casual clothes not just in your full wedding formal attire.

Stacey & Scott had some of their engagement photos on display at their wedding reception

4: It can be a great chance to combine your hair and make - up trial as well.

As a photographer, it excites me to know my gals are spending a day getting pampered before their session. It allows you to relax, feel beautiful, and confident! Once you receive your photos you can decide if there needs to be any major tweets or if that lippy colour is just not your thing.

Sabine & Richie catching the last light of the day in the park for engagement photos.

5: It gives you the chance to enjoy being engaged.

Before the wedding planning kicks in (which can be a stressful few months) take some time to enjoy this stage of your relationship. It feels like these days we are just running on a treadmill ticking things off the never ending to do list.

Take this time to enjoy each others company and have fun! Just be your quirky, silly selves and take in that sunset. Chase that waterfall. Explore off the beaten path and let nothing else matter.

Nikita & William took me to one of their favourite beaches to explore and watch a stunning sunset with them.


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