How to start planning your Wedding Day timeline

Chances are you have attended a few weddings but never actually planned one before – how long should you be setting aside for photos? Here is a rough guide I like to go by to get the best images possible.

Groom Getting ready – 45 mins

The first 20 minutes is for detail photos. Shoes, belts, ties, cuff links etc… The little details you have meticulously planned out that we don’t want to miss.

Then we will take some photos of you hanging out and suiting up before finishing with some portraits.

Bride Getting Ready – At least 60 minutes

Again the first 20 minutes is doing all of your detail photos.

Rings, stationary, jewellery, shoes, dress, veil, perfume etc…

Not many people want photos without their make up! So we wait until you are in the final stages of prep before snapping away.

Grab a glass of bubbles and your girls and we will get some fun photos before you all get into your gowns.

Then we will take photos of the dress being done up, a few bridal portraits and do a first look with parents/bridesmaids etc..

Ceremony – 30 minutes

If you are having a simple ceremony these usually last no longer than 30 mins.

We always give you time to enjoy congratulations and hugs after the ceremony with your guests before starting on family photos.

Family Photos – 30 minutes

Depending on how large your family is and how many group photos you would like. A little tip to make this part of the day run as efficiently as possible: Write a list.

Write down all the combinations you would like in your formal photos and give this list to your MC or someone who knows the majority of your guests. They can round them up and have them ready to step in for photos – saving so much time!

Bridals – 1.5 – 2 hours

This can vary depending on the location you are using for photos and how far away it is.

Account for at least an hour and a half as if your day is running a little late this is the time that will be cut short.

Reception – Depends on your photographer’s package.

If you booked a full day this will cover speeches, cake cutting and your first dance. If you only have limited time think about having your cake cutting happen as soon as you arrive to the reception and your first dance before dinner.

First Look – 20 minutes

If you are doing a first look before the ceremony this will give you time to have a moment and get some photos together. If you want to do all of your photos before the ceremony just add an extra 15 minutes onto the time for your bridals.

Sample timeline for a 3pm ceremony (with a little wriggle room)

12.00pm – Groom Getting Ready

1.00pm – Bride Getting Ready

3.00pm – Ceremony

3.30pm – Family Photos

4.30pm – Bridals

6.30pm – Reception